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The Tuf-Rib panel is designed to keep your structures preserved for years to come. We use a 29 gauge, USA manufactured steel with a 40-year Energy Star paint.

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Available Colors

tuff color chart

Colors shown may vary from actual color. Click here to order a free color sample

General Information

  • 3-foot wide panel with 3/4" high rib and 9" spacing between ribs
  • Exposed fastener panel
  • 29 gauge thickness with small hat on top of rib for added strength
  • Anti-siphon laps for insured water-tightness
  • Recommended minimum slope pitch of 3:12
  • Rolled directly off steel coils
  • Manufactured to any manageable length +/- 1"
  • Available in all 21 colors and galvalume
  • Popular panel for all wood framed projects: pole barns, riding arenas, etc.
  • Polycarbonate Light Panels also available in Tuf-Rib profile in 12-foot-long sheets