Accessories for Metal Roofing Installation


Here at LEGACY METALWORKS, we sell the necessary accessories that are required to properly install a metal roof. What we have listed here is only a portion of the products that are available. If you don't see something that you need, please ask about the availability of the product.

Pipe Flashings

Need to fit metal roofing around a pipe? We have in stock rubberized flashings for fitting around pipes from 1/4″ – 18″

Standard Roof Boots


High Temperature

hi temp



Angled Roof Boots


Closure Foam

We stock both solid and vented foam closure to fit our panel profiles, as well as some versatile closure, which is sold in rolls.

Solid Foam Closure

Tuff Rib

tuff closure


pbr closure

1" Snap-lock

ss closuresml

Outside Closure is used to seal the ridge cap and prevent the wind from driving rain and snow under the ridge cap. The closure is shipped with a self-adhesive.

Inside Closure is used to seal the bottom of the panels to prevent the wind from driving rain and snow under the panels. It is also has a self-adhesive.

Vented Foam Closure

Tuff Rib

tuff lp22

1" Snap-lock


LP2 Vented Closure uses a non-woven, non-wicking, fiber-based matting to provide you a vent that will allow air to pass freely, but will keep rain from being blown up underneath your ridge cap. The LP2 Closure also has a self-adhesive on the bottom for an easy installation.

Versatile Foam Closure



X-seal is a versatile solid foam closure that is sold by the 20' roll. In the package, it is 1" wide and only 1/4" high, but when the paper back is removed, it expands to 1" in height to fill in any gaps.



Flex-O-Vent is a ridge vent that is sold in a 10-foot roll. It has a self-adhesive on the back, for strong hold and easy installation. It is 3" wide and 1-1/2" high.

Light Panel

Light Panel

Want to give your building real light, without the cost of windows? Consider our Light Panel. In stock we have a Clear panel, a more opaque Soft White panel, and a dark Smoked panel.


Available in both Tuff Rib and PBR profiles, in 12' or 20' sheets.

Soft White

Available in both Tuff Rib and PBR profiles, in 12' or 20' sheets.


Available in Tuff Rib profile, in 12' sheets.

Light panels may be available for special order in additional profiles and/or lengths. Check with the office for more details.


We stock multiple Underlayment and Water Barrier products to give your building ultimate protection from condensation, ice, and rain.



Ice and Water Shield

ice and water



Hydrashell is a US-made synthetic roof underlayment with a 30-year limited warranty. It lays flat, and won't wrinkle or absorb water. It is sold by the 40" x 300' roll

Our Ice and Water Shield is a self-adhering synthetic roof underlayment. It is very pliable and has an exceptionally high tear strength. It can withstand high temperatures, and has a gray surface to reduce heat buildup.

Dripstop is a sticky felt that is applied onto the bottom of the panel as it is being rollformed. It holds condensation from the metal until it can evaporate. For more information, see our Dripstop page.



Apply Dura-skrim underlayment beneath your panels as a weatherproof durable vapor barrier to help insure against condensation moisture penetration. Dura-skrim is a tough material manufactured to withstand tears and punctures.