PBR Panel

The PBR Panel is designed to keep your structures preserved for years to come. We use a 26 Gauge, USA manufactured steel with a 40 year, Energy Star paint. The 36″ PBR Panel is rated for up to a 5′ span between purlins on roofing.


Available Colors


   Colors shown may vary from actual color. Click here to order a free color sample.

General Information

  • 3-foot wide panel with 1-1/4" tall ribs and 12" spacing between ribs
  • 26 gauge thickness
  • Solid structure allows for panel installation over solid sheeting, steel, or wood support members
  • Recommended minimum slope pitch of 1:12
  • Rolled directly off steel coil
  • Cut at any manageable length to the inch
  • Polycarbonate Light Panels also available in PBR profile in 12' and 20' sheets
  • A fast rising commercial product for use in commercial and industrial projects