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1-7/8" Clip-Lock

The 1-7/8" Clip-Lock panel is designed to keep your structures preserved for years to come. We use a 26 gauge, USA manufactured steel with a 40-year Energy Star Paint


Available Colors

26 gauge with SMP Paint

SS New

Colors shown may vary from actual color. Click here to request a free color sample.

General Information

  • 13-3/4" wide panel with 1-3/4" tall rib (1-7/8" with clip installed)
  • Concealed fastener panel
  • 26 or 24 gauge thickness
  • On-site panel manufacturing allows for longer panels and less crating and delivery costs
  • Three minor rib options to choose from: Flat, Striations, Beads
  • Reduces chance of leaks due to the failure of a screw washer
  • Can be installed over solid sheeting or open framing
  • Recommended minimum slope pitch of 2:12
  • Cut to length to the inch

Minor Rib options

We can manufacture 1-7/8″ Clip-Lock panels with several different styles of minor ribs. The following pictures show several variations of the intermediate ribs of the same panel.

Flat Panel


Striations Panel


Beads Panel


1-7/8" Clip-Lock Panels with Kynar® Paint

Available Colors

24 gauge with Kynar Paint


Colors shown may vary from actual color. Click here to request a free color sample.


The Kynar Paint on our 24 gauge Snap-lock panel withstands extreme weather conditions better than other coatings. It is corrosion resistant, and virtually maintenance free. It also retains its color longer than other metal coatings, so whether you live on the coast and need extra weathering protection, or are simply worrying about your paint color fading, our Kynar® paint has you covered.